This is our challenge:- No More World Wars.

                   I am writing this regarding my concerns and the changes occurring in the world. Nowadays, we have many facilities which promote an easier life; we exploit the latest technologies, for example cars, aeroplanes, mobile phones and computers. After developing such modern technology we declare proudly that we are in an advanced stage of mankind. Looking back, we can see the detrimental impact it has had on the world, especially the pain and destruction modern technological advances created during world war I and II.  

 If we are highly advanced and if we are highly educated, then what are we doing today? There are many countries on which God has bestowed the luxuries of life, despite this we fail to utilize Gods gifts to improve the way we live. Rich countries impose their power on poorer countries and pressurize them into conforming to their ways. Naturally this instigates rebellion, riots, and eventually war.

They say that if you do good deeds, you will receive entry into heaven. People claim heaven is paradise; debates ensue about the presence of heaven and hell, but who is to say whether any of this exists? Has there been any substantial evidence from heaven or hell itself, from the people that have supposedly travelled to these realms? Have we received any emails, phone calls or video evidence? If the world God has created is so advanced, why is it that God’s House has fallen behind? For a highly advanced species, our technology fails to support the existence or absence of heaven or hell. In essence, everyone should seriously think about heaven or hell, whether our Earth can become our Heaven. It should be full of love, happiness, peace and prosperity, this is true heaven. However this is far from reality, instead we have epitomized hell. We have created a world in which anguish, greed, theft, jealousy, hatred has surpassed the good qualities in humanity.

Who supplied bombs and guns to the poor countries?

We are educated and fully aware of right and wrong, so why do we require nuclear bombs and missiles to settle disputes? If we are highly educated, why resort to violence? If we are living in a democracy, why do we impose our authority on the weak? Why are we wasting public energy, time and money unnecessarily when we could use those qualities to build better homes, provide better jobs for the public and strengthen the economy, and introduce up-to-date vaccination and public health programs in third world countries? The UK is in severe debt for what? For further production of nuclear weapons resulting in the mass destruction of soldiers and villagers alike due to a futile war.

We are living in the 21st century; this century is ultra – alert and super advanced. Our standard of living should be without cast and creeds, there should not be any jealousy or religious wars. There should even be no border lines to separate one from another.

Why do we require state-of-the-art security systems? Why do we live in an era of such fear? The manufacturing of intoxicants, such as alcohol and drugs has created a heinous generation of drug dealers and addicts, resulting in an astounding increase in rapes, murders and thefts. The greed and ego of our within ourselves is never quenched. Is this us getting advanced? Is this the knowledge we gained from years of education? All around us, through television, radios and temples, people preach that we are one, we are equal, we are all brothers and sisters; we are all created by one almighty God. Then why do we hurt our family? Why do we constantly abuse each other? This isn’t the way of God.

It is said that India found water on the moon. What was the necessity of spending millions to find water on another planet when on our own planet there are men, women, and children dying of thirst, who cannot find clean water to drink? When rockets, missiles and nuclear bombs are launched they create pollution, increasing the chances of global warming. The inner soul of a human being at this point is scared, feels anxiety, fear and frustration. If our mind is not clear and is full of jealousy, greediness and selfishness, then the earth will also be full of this. The mind should be clean and clear. People with a destructive mind, people who destroy the atmosphere of joy and create sins, the Law is very flexible for them. They know they can abuse the law and continuously do so while the rest of the world merely watches.

When I think or see such things my soul cries and screams, that there is only one way and that is a challenge. If larger, richer countries aid the poor, hungry, ill, disabled and homeless people all over the world then this Earth can be converted into Heaven. People will smile, people will be happy and people will enjoy life. If we are humble, merciful, kind and help each other then there will never ever be a world war again. This is my challenge and this is the best solution. If we help, serve and love each other then we will not even think of a world war in our dreams.

All our prophets Christ, Ram, Krishan, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, and Guru Nanak Dev Ji all gave us the same message of love peace and unity. They believed in the kindness and love of mankind. I challenge the world to prove them right.


Dr. Tara Singh Aalam (UK)



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